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In-house Payroll & HR Solutions

HR Management

Utilizing our HR Manage platform, we are able to offer any combination of the following:

  1. Performance management - Computerization of Performance Management Schemes, monitoring and reporting on staff performance as well as facilitation of performance based pay. We can also assist corporates define Performance Management Schemes.
  2. Leave Management - Computerized record monitoring, reconciliation and reporting of leave in line with company policy.
  3. HR Data Administration - Computerized up to date staff data maintenance, monitoring and reporting.
  4. Employee Self Service - Web based staff access to HR administration services e.g. Leave application, personal data updating etc.
  5. HR Business Intelligent - Statistical analysis and reporting on staff data as required by management.
  6. Benefits Management - Setting up of staff benefits schemes, management of third party providers and reporting as required by management.
  7. Time & Attendance – our strategic partnership with TimeLink means you can more directly integrate your workforce and their information with your Paywell and HR Manage systems – streamlining business processes, providing greater visibility and control over labor costs, more effectively managing compliance risk and improving workforce productivity.

TimeLink supports a variety of integration scenarios with our systems, providing you with the flexibility to select a solution and integration approach that best matches your requirements.

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Because of its powerful parameter structure and flexible nature, the Paywell payroll system is suitable for any type of payroll. Paywell can be easily set up, whether you need a payroll to pay wages or salaries, hourly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once a term.

Key Features Of Paywell’s Functionality:

  • Customised – To individual requirements
  • Powerful - & flexible parameters
  • Seamless – Integration to Time and Attendance, Human Resource & Accounting systems
  • Unlimited Modules – enhancing payroll efficiency:
    • Job Costing Module
    • Data Extract Module
    • Bank Transfer Module
    • Interim Run Module
    • Equity Act Module
    • Leave History Module
    • Payslip History Module
    • Third Party Payment Module
    • Validation or Preview Run
    • Employee Transfer
    • PDF Payslips and Reports
    • E-Payslips
    • Unlimited Support – experienced and dedicated support consultants

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