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Cloud Hosted Solutions

Paywell Online

A cost effective, easy to use, efficient, accessible payroll system that ensures you are compliant at all times.

This is a cloud based payroll for entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses owners on the move.


  • An Online platform supported using multiple devices
  • Paperless Payroll (e-payslips)
  • Reduced support costs
  • Employee self service
  • High level security offers peace of mind
  • Nothing to backup or maintain, you can focus on running your business.
  • Save time and increase payroll accuracy with automated calculations
  • Online filing. You can considerably reduce the time spent on payroll queries with employee online access to pay information, and save even more time by not having to use manual systems.
  • Payroll audits service


  • Customised Reports
  • Secure encryption of data
  • Automatic calculations
  • Fast and accurate payroll processing
  • Year-end processing
  • Statutory deductions
  • Online payslips
  • Free Backups and updates
  • Simple step by step payroll processing

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