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Wed, 07/04/2018

The Microserv Business Unit  

The Payserv Group provides payments and business process outsourcing services targeted at Banks, Banks’ customers and finance related services in Africa. The group has four subsidiaries, Paynet, Autopay, Microserv and Softserv. Specifically for our Microserv business unit, we have a robust core banking system that was crafted to suit Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) of all sizes and banks. It automates their entire process from initial customer data maintenance, transaction data management, loan repayments up to historical data of the client’s business. It is a system tailor made for winners in the Zimbabwe Microfinance and banking sector. Our objective is to fully automate the entire Microfinance sector. As Payserv, one of our key drivers is to provide convenience at the right price and at the right time. We aim to understand what our customers want and strive to give them what they need in the most cost effective way at the right time. In the 21st Century technology is omnipresent and essential, at the same time it can be expensive & complicated. Our business as Payserv is to take the expense and the complications away from our customers and make payments and related business processing easy, cost effective and accessible. As Payserv Zimbabwe, we have served the Zimbabwean market since 1999, offering shared services in the form of a payments management platform called Paynet and a payroll bureau through our Autopay brand. We pride ourselves for being successfully offering these low cost services to our Zimbabwean market over time. Microserv system is only slightly over a year old in the Zimbabwean market but the uptake has been quite significant.

As Payserv we support the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s requirement for every microfinancier to put in place robust ICT management information systems to facilitate integrity of records and information, submission of reliable and accurate information to the Reserve Bank and participation in the Credit Registry, MSME credit guarantee scheme, and the Collateral Registry. Our Microserv solution is tried and tested , used in over 37 countries to date as Bankers Realm software, in Zimbabwe we boast of large entities such as Women’s Banks, Yebo Finance Fundhouse Finance, Lion Finance Bank, Hillthru Microfinance to name but a few. We have made our services known to the Microfinance mother body Zimbabwe Association Of Microfinance Institutions (ZAMFI) such that they have allowed us to market it to their members and also we have the blessing of the RBZ through the bank supervision unit responsible for MFIs. Our system can be intergrated with various other channels and any other service provider system that can benefit the Microfinance sector.

Our intention as an organization is to continue to provide solutions that are world-class and that can be matched with any first world systems out there. One of the things that we want is to bring convenience to the most remote places in the country. We have been going around the country looking at how best we can bring awareness. Our goal is to make sure that payment platform and business processes are available for every citizen at the click of a button. 

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